Hive Records

It is a well know fact that beekeepers should keep hive records, it is an equally well known fact that most do not.

Their reasons for not doing so being as varied, and imaginative as their methods of beekeeping. Some of the more popular comments are:

When a beekeeper opens a hive they should be doing it for the shortest time possible. What they see may lead them to take some sort of action immediately. More likely having closed the hive they will reflect on what they saw and then decide what actions to take. A hive record enables us to record what we have seen and when not under preasure take a decision as to what has to be done.

Download our hive record booklet including the medicine record. Print double sided on A4 paper and flip on short side. One inside page has room for four inspection records. Print as many as you are likley to use in one season.

Download the front cover

Download the middle pages